The Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation and International Fraternity have the same mission: Building Better Men. As its own 501(c)3 organization, the Educational Foundation exists for the purpose of raising tax-deductible gifts to support and further the educational and leadership programs of the Fraternity. These funds provide academic scholarships, scholarships to attend DU and NIC educational programs, and support for all fraternity educational initiatives. With the support from members, alumni, parents and friends, we enable Delta Upsilon to further better the lives of our members.

History of the DUEF

Founded in 1949, the original purpose of the Foundation was to provide scholarships to individual brothers. Then, by the mid-1960s, as leadership education at the Fraternity’s annual convention began to take off, the DUEF Board of Trustees realized the Foundation could impact a greater number of brothers if more resources were channeled to the Leadership Conference. Thus, the Foundation started to redirect its grants, providing the majority of its resources to the International Fraternity, which was (and is) responsible for creating the educational programs and services for the brotherhood.

Future of the DUEF

Today’s modern fraternity serves as a value-added extracurricular activity that provides relevant experiences that prepare men for the future in ways that cannot be found in the typical college experience. Delta Upsilon has developed proven and award-winning educational programs and initiatives that help us build better chapters, better global citizens, better brothers, better men. Right now, the DUEF is able to partially fund these initiatives. Our goal is fund more of these programs and provide more and more men the opportunity to attend them.

We need the help of our brothers and friends to fill the educational gap. Our greatest challenge for the future is to expand our endowment and base of resources so that we are able to meet our members’ educational needs. Tax-deductible contributions, gifts and bequests will determine the extent to which the Foundation can continue to change the lives of tomorrow’s leaders.