dave-kozinDave Kozin, San Diego State ’05

“I didn’t know it at the time, but joining Delta Upsilon was one of the best decisions in my life. My first two years with the Fraternity were embarrassing–I often skipped meetings, rarely paid dues, and didn’t show my brothers the respect they deserved. At the same time, I was hitting rock bottom in my personal life, and thankfully, DU was there to catch me. My brothers gave me a second chance, and after much hard work and after much hard work and dedication, elected me as their president in my final year. I learned so much on that journey, but most importantly, DU literally and truly taught me how to be a better man. I give to the Foundation because I know there are others who become better men after joining DU, whether they know it or not.”


zach-roakeZach Roake, Bradley ’17

“Delta Upsilon played a pivotal role in making me into who I am today. Not only have the Principles guided me, the members of my chapter have shown me really helped developed me into who I am. Things like being a champion but humble, being honest and never hypocritical, giving 110%. These are things I personally got from my chapter that really will have a lasting impact on me.”


john-buistJohn Buist, Illinois ’78

“I think it’s important to give back. [Delta Upsilon] is an instrumental part of our lives. The college years are a time of learning and growing and interacting with different people from different walks of life. I was an officer in the house for a few different things; you learn how to deal with people. I think it’s important to carry on what was given to us.”


joe-fetherlingJoe Fetherling, Iowa State ’19

“My GSI experience allowed me to surely feel as if I had become that much closer to reaching my goal of becoming a better man. Delta Upsilon is an incredible fraternity that promotes friendship, diffuses liberal culture, allows the development of character, and encourages the advancement of justice. I can proudly say that the GSI Jamaica service trip I participated in perfectly targeted and solidified these Four Founding Principles. All of this couldn’t have been possible, however, without the generosity and support of our alumni.”


williams_collegeJohn Gepson, Williams ’65

“I started giving annually to DU as soon as I could after graduation. “Justice our Foundation” meant a lot to me, and I wanted to support the mission even though I knew none of my money would ever go to my own chapter … I am so pleased to see our Fraternity growing, and I want to support its emphasis on leadership development.”


joshua-robinsonJoshua Robinson, Kansas State ’19

“It is truly a blessing to have the opportunity to be able to attend the leadership programs, not just to better myself, but to better DU as a whole. They’re the reason why DU is successful internationally. Without [donors’] contributions, we wouldn’t be given the opportunity to have strong relationships with other DU chapters, and our knowledge on how to better DU overall would be significantly less.”


keisuke-satoKeisuke Sato, Iowa State ’16

“I am the one of the very few international students in Greek community. When I joined DU, my English was not as good as it is now, and I was a very, very quiet person. However, by involving in Greek and chapter events, I was able to get out of my shell and becoming one of the executive board members. I couldn’t imagine myself talking in front of everyone in the chapter meeting two years ago. All the opportunities that I got from DU have given me confidence.”


josh-chaseJosh Chase, Wichita ’17

“My second year on the executive board, I was elected as the Vice President of Membership Education. Prior to the Regional Leadership Academy that year, I hadn’t had any experience teaching or mentoring others. I was able to learn important facilitation skills, teaching skills, and how to position our new associate members for success … The Fraternity has developed me into a strong leader, taught me more about the importance of helping those in need, and created a drive to make myself better each day. Without the experiences I’ve had with DU, I would be a drastically different person than who I am today.”


max-purdyMax Purdy, San Diego State ’17

“Being a DU has played a huge role in developing my character and who I am today. From Pledging to Presidency, being a DU has given me the confidence, drive, and dedication to excel in and outside of college, forging me into the man of merit I am today. DU has taught me the invaluable lessons of friendship, justice, leadership, international experiences, and the importance of serving others.”


andrew-goveAndrew Gove, California ’17

“Leadership programs are what help develop leaders and let them get to know the International Fraternity. Without them, we would not feel connected to DU as an International Fraternity at all, and we would not have opportunities to expand our networks to other chapters.”